I lost my mother on July 27, 1998, my youngest son's birthday. (The son that I lost on January 9, 1990.) This will be dedicated to my mom, a wonderful lady.


Here is a picture of my mom and dad. I was a teenager when this picture was taken. I guess that my parents were around thirty-six at the time.

Dorothy Thurman Adams

March 29, 1921 - July 27, 1998

Husband - Floyd Adams

Son - Tim Adams


Dale Monahan

Jennifer Bradford

Predeceased Son - Lynn Adams

In this picture of my mother, two older brothers, and me, I seem to the the only happy child at the moment.

Tim is the brother on the left and Lynn, the brother on the right. Lynn, later became the father of two boys and died at the age of 29. I had a sister who was born later but when this was taken, I was the baby.

My mother was a loving mother who always took good care of us all. She will be missed.

Mom always did lovely crochet flowers, birds, afghans, etc. She was a very talented lady. I have many of her works in my home and will treasure them forever.

Other family pictures

This is a picture of my mother when she was young. She was a lovely lady.

Mom, If I could give you flowers, I would. One day, I will be able to. I love her and miss her.

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