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Dale Monahan
Due to the fact that I retired from the state of Virginia, I no longer do pages on the Internal Web pages at work. However here is a page of my friend and co-worker, Kathy that I created when I was the webmaster at work.

Where I used to work and link to my friend, Kathy!!


Richmond, Virginia

Capital Square, Richmond, Virginia - April 6, 2000

Richmond, Virginia - Canal Walk

Although Hurricane Floyd wasn't as bad as in some areas, we had a few problems. Like a tree falling on my new car. I know that is minor to what some have had to experience but I don't want another hurricane in my area. :)


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"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

Mark Twain

Meet My Virtual Pet. A nice little tree frog.

When I first put my web page online, way back in March 1997, I was using notepad (still am, although I have used three other products at my job and a different one in a class that I took through work. They were all good, therefore I'm not endorsing any.) Also I have found out that there are so many, many places on the WEB where you can get HTML info, and so much free stuff out there. If you simply search the web, you can find just about anything that you might need. Have fun! But be careful in cyberspace! Things aren't always what they seem.

That can be said with real conviction now in 2007. So much has changed from the innocent days of 1997. The web has changed so very much. And not always for the better...

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