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I'm Lobo, a male Siberian Husky. My registered name is Lobo Dancing Wolf. (Yes, I'm a registered dog...whatever that means.) I like doing neat things, like riding in my person's car. TAKING WALKS!! But I'd rather run and I'm very FAST. You may send mail to me at dalemonahan@embarqmail.comLobo in car

My Person will read it to me..

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As a well bred dog, I would like to deliver some doggie tips for my all of my doggie buddies who may be on the web.

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I am a VERY HANDSOME DOG with blue eyes although this picture doesn't them show them as being blue. Aren't I cute? "Sitting on the couch just like people." I am also highly intelligent. How many dogs have their own web page?

Lobo on couch

My person's webpage

She did my webpage, by the way...Only because they wouldn't let me...

Note: In 2004, I lost my precious Lobo, but he lived to be 14 years old and I was thankfully with him when he died. He was so happy as I was giving him his morning walk but then he fell at the newspaper box and was unconscious. I took him to the vet but by the time I got there, he was dead. They said of a heart attack. He was one great dog!!

I'm not sure if this one should be here...

Two of Me - fantastic!

My favorite subject - me - In my backyard!

Enough said!

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